Seminar, Thurs, 6/09


Arcade: Comparing WordPress Templates

Creative Commons


Studio: Scheduling

Ryan Sloan, Digital Tools

To Do: WordPress Course Site


Seminar, Wed, 6/08



Setting up writing workshops

Workshop: Writing Projects

  • How would you describe the voice of the author in this text? How would you describe the stance the author (teacher) takes towards their readers (students)?
  • What terms of value appear in the text? What is said or suggested about how this writing will be evaluated?

To Do

Choose a WordPress template for your course website. Use Pages to create the sections of your syllabus. Use Widgets to post course info, contact, Creative Commons, search, etc.

Some examples:








Seminar, Tues, 6/07

Questions From Monday

How to negotiate between

  • Disciplinary methods and student interests
  • Close reading and writing
  • Reading examples and reading theory
  • Reading difficult or accessible texts

How and when to

  • Introduce non-majors to field
  • Share student writing

How to move beyond

  • Summary to analysis
  • Excitement about discipline to excitement about student writing

Course Overview/Schedules

Trade overviews with a colleague. Try to read their document from the point of view of a first-year student. What else might the teacher tell you about:

  • What you are going to do as a writer?
  • Why you’re going to do it? How this work is work interesting or useful?
  • What the pace or rhythm of the semester will be?

Composing Writing Projects

Working in Class With Student Writing (slides)

To Do

Draft one of the main writing projects for your course. Bring five copies of it and your course overview to seminar tomorrow.





Seminar, Mon, 6/06


Fast Write: You are an accomplished academic writer. (Otherwise you wouldn’t be in this room.) Please write a brief story about a particular event in which you learned something useful about academic writing. Try to create as compelling a story as you can. Let your points emerge through how you describe the characters, setting, and action of your narrative. I’ll ask you to introduce yourself to the seminar through reading this story aloud.

Read Alouds: Please take some notes as you listen to your colleagues’ stories. What similarities do you notice in how they describe learning to write as academics? What differences?


Designing a Writing Course


Fast Write: What’s the most pressing question on your mind right now about how to design your fall course?

For Our Conversation This Afternoon

To Do

Draft your course overview. Bring five print copies of this document with you to seminar tomorrow.




This site will support the work of the first Summer Seminar in the Art of Teaching Writing, to be held at UC Berkeley from Monday 6/06, to Friday, 6/10/2106.  The seminar is sponsored by the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities and the Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Fellows. I look forward to working with you!

~Joe Harris, University of Delaware

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